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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pre-emptive Posting

I realize that I said in the last post that all has been quiet here...well, it continues to be so and perhaps that is a good thing.  I called this a pre-emptive posting because one of my dear brothers in law is so fond of nagging me when I get behind, and he apparently is busy with Mardi-gras celebrations so I'm sneaking one in on him.

The new-old bunnies came home- only two of them.  The wee black kit with the white markings was kept by her owner to try to groom with her bum hand.  I brought home puir wee old Wensleydale, who looks like an old droopy eared man with sparse fine hair (he is five), and Briar, whose initial grooming consisted of me trying not to be bit- somewhat unsuccessfully.  Grrrr.  Two other bunnies were placed with a fiber fan/dog groomer.  She definitely is a competent groomer.

Work is annoying as only paid work can be.  That's all I'm going to say about that.  Unless prodded of course.

I'm awaiting my first Ashland Bay order...eagerly I might add!  Camel/silk, baby camel, cashmere, alpaca/silk, tussah silk, merino, BFL/silk, multi colored dyed merino....When it comes I just might disappear into the box for a day or so....more excuses for not posting.

Winter Carnival was this past weekend...a little freaky because there is only 12 inches of ice.  I have a healthy fear of drowning and was glad to hear Lila wasn't thrilled about going. She and I went to spinning in the morning and then to the Kitty Donohoe concert at the arts center.  A lovely singer/song writer from Ann Arbor who kindly sang "the Maple Syrup Song" at Sam's request. The weather has been above average, but going back to normal so visions of tapping trees are growing dim until March likely.

Only two more weeks of the after school arts enrichment course in the fiber arts.  We are wrapping up basket making and then have one last week of "catchup on whatever you want".  I won't know what to do with myself on Wednesday afternoons!  I am contemplating some sort of course in master spinning (because I have nothing else to do and apparently am a glutton for punishment)...there seem to be a few options out there.  I'm wondering of anyone has completed any of the North American courses and have a recommendation?  Or you can just tell  me I'm being silly and get on with it....

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