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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Setting Up Shop

One of the suppliers I have been buying from no longer allows the sale of their products on Etsy, so I've decided to set up an online Farm shop on this site.  It is just over there (imagine an arrow pointing to the right side of your screen...yes, there you can see it!), and is still under construction.  I'll have to take a day off to get it completely set up and populated with goodies.  I started out with the "Knitting Tools and Supplies" page and the fiber page will be next in line.  I'm not going to abandon my Etsy shop- I just love the Etsy philosophy so much- this is in addition to it so I can sell the full line of supplies available to fiber artists.  After all- you are worth it!  :)

On another note; the snow is GONE, the rogue roosters need butchering, and the wee babydoll sheep had thier coats changed.  Fiber is growing under there! 

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