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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Goats at my Hotel

This work conference that I'm at this week is at a place called "The Riverwood" and it is in Otsego, MN.  There is a small fenced in area on one side of the conference center that was empty last night, but when we were let out for a break (like small children running out into the sunshine) I grabbed a plate of veggies and dip and went outside. 

There were goats behind the fence.  Six of them.  They were Boer goats.  They were hungry.  My plate was empty somehow, though lots of dip remained.  I received goat communication and then realized I was so hungry for vegetables and went back for more.  No camera.


  1. How delightful! Nothing better than a goat on your break, to give you new perspective. :)

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