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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"Rescue" Bunns

Another event of the not so distant past was that I inherited a few more angora bunns.

A lady from the UP contacted me, who got my name from another person (who gave me Dalilah and Iccarus because she couldn't take care of them two years ago) and called me to say she had four english/giant angora bunnies that she could no longer care for and would I like to take them?  It is really hard to say no when you know what will happen as the alternative, and I did have some extra cage space. 

So one weekend in early September she brought them over.  They are beautiful bunnies.  Two bucks and two does.  Another bunny friend of mine took the younger tort buck and named him "Potter".  He went to a loving spinning home.  The other three are now members of our family.
Without further ado, let me introduce you to....

She is a chocolate tort.  She is a little on the shy side but is coming around.

Endora is Hermione's mother.  She is a tort, and I think she looks like she could have some French angora in her.  She has very dark glossy guard hairs.  She is quite lovely, but shy.

Endora and Hermione

This is "Bucky".  He is Hermione's (and Potters) father. 
He is looking for a new name but I haven't come up with one yet that suits him.  I don't think Bucky suits him at all!  He is extremely timid and does not like to be handled.  Too bad because he has an extremly fine coat that needs to be brushed!  He also is prone to getting mats on his face, like most English angoras.  So he gets handled wether he likes it or not.  He is not a big bunny so I think he may be pure English. 
 He is the first REW I've had.

I've been on a witches kick with the female bunnies names (Endora, Hermione, Nuala, Esme & Nimue) so I'm thinking a wizard name would be good for him.  He doesn't quite have the presence of a Gandalf or a Dumbledore or Merlin.  He's more of a Flitwick or Rincewind type of wizard. 
 Hmmm. One of those might just do it!


  1. What beautiful bunns!I can just imagine how wonderful it would be to spin their fluff!

  2. What a collection of beautiful bunny beings...they look so adorable !