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Monday, October 17, 2011

Pressing Cider

Will remarked that, not too many years ago, that on this date we had six inches of snow! 
This past weekend, however, was the most perfect cider pressing weather you can get.  Warm with just enough breeze to hold off the yellow jackets who love to sample cider and scare kids.

Everyone brought apples!

First, you have to thrown them in the grinder. 
 No talking or laughing is allowed as this is very serious business.

Then, you have to turn the screw to press the wooden disc down on the apples to get the juice out.

You have to take turns at this.

Then you have to use the scary stick to really get some leverage going to screw it down tight.

Of course, you have to filter it some to get the bits and pieces out.

Then there is time for roasting apples on a stick,

and more fun conversation.

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