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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Duncan's Birthday

 So the highlight of this past weekend was that the Big D turned Seven!  He had a few kids over for Pizza and a movie and opened his presents on Friday.  The gift on the far right side of the photo was some sort of Nerf gun that shoots foam "bullets".  It has already wreaked havoc.  The green thing on top of the Land's End box is a whoopie cushion.  It has already been popped because it was blown up too far and Duncan thought it would make a great big farting noise if he jumped really high up into the air and then landed on it with his bum.  Well, it did but it was the last noise it ever made.

He also asked for "Cooking things that really cook" so there was a box full of various cooking things like measuring spoons...

Measuring cups...

a sifter, and Grandma Marilyn brought them all a bakers cap and a "Baker in Training" apron.

The three of them made the chocolate pound cake that Duncan requested as his cake.  It was really rich and moist and rather incredible!  I made a raspberry sauce to pour over it.  It was divine...

We took the cake to Doug and Ruthette's house on Saturday where we did the annual cider press party and celebrated big D's birthday as well.


  1. Big D is officially big, having reached the age of reason. Congratulations to him. I LOVE the baker aprons and matching hats...Gramma Marilyn scored well on that. They all like to help cook. I really want a piece of that surely sounds divine !

  2. O and how could I forget to comment on the farting cushion. If I lived there I would be please as punch that it lived a short but happy life. A farting cushion...OMG. Nice pictures of the young bakers and the birthday boy and his guests...