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Tuesday, October 18, 2011


You have to say it in that Kevin Kline voice from "A Fish Called Wanda".  It's been a Fish Called Wanda kind of week, what with "What was that thing in the middle?" conversations and the "disappointment" and all.

If you haven't seen "A Fish Called Wanda" you really need to rent it.  Honestly.

The "What was that thing in the middle" conversations are kind of funny, though alarming in a minor way.  Perhaps you've had one of these yourself.  It is when someone is talking and has a small string of important things to say and you find yourself, at the end of their turn talking, wondering what that middle thing was because you remember the first thing they said, and the last thing they said, but not the middle thing they said and you get the feeling that was the really important bit in the conversation.  I've had several of these this week, and though they amuse me they also leave me wondering why I'm losing bits of my mind here and there. 

The Disappointment came yesterday.  It really is minor in the big scheme of things, but left me wondering a lot about society's manners in general.

I've been looking for a used single treadle Schacht Matchless and found one yesterday on Craigslist in Michigan at a good price.  I called the number on the add, left a message including my name and two phone numbers to reach me at.  Less than ten minutes went by and I had a return call- for "Marie" (which isn't my name) and not at either of the phone numbers I left, but at the phone number I had called from.  Odd I thought at the time but blew it off.  I asked the lady a few questions about the wheel (it wasn't hers) and asked if she could take a close up photo of the flyer so I could see if all the parts were there.  I told her I wanted to purchase it and would arrange for the pickup that evening after she sent me the photo.  I was giddy!  All seemed well.  I was quite surprised in the evening to get a Text message that said "Sold the spinning wheel". 

DISAPPOINTED!  Not only that she sold the wheel that I had already told her I'd like to buy, but that she sent a very impersonal text message because she obviously did not want to talk to me (hopefully because she felt in some little way like a creep).  So now it became obvious why she called me "Marie" and didn't bother to listen to my phone message.  Hopefully, these folks are not a reflection where society as a whole is going.

I'm shaking it off people!  Yes, I would have loved the spinning wheel, but you have to wonder about the karma of the folks that were selling it and if it wouldn't have rubbed off on the wheel.

So, if anyone knows of a Schacht Matchless for sale that does have good Karma and isn't the price the same as new one I'd be grateful to know.

I'm going to watch "A Fish Called Wanda" tonight and laugh.


  1. For real. Thank your lucky stars that didn't pan out. It was probably an evil wheel. Is this the time of year we all get in the spinning mood? I spend much of last night spinning and plying Satin angora fiber.

  2. Oooof, that's dreadful! I feel so sad for you. I looooove my Schacht. Not sure why you're looking for a single treadle though. Now that I've had a double, I'd never get anything else. But, I think there is another Schacht with your name on it, it just hasn't found you yet. Karma....