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Friday, May 6, 2011


It is day 33 and 34 for expectant rabbit mothers.  I think I've been skunked by all three.  No interest in the nest boxes and evidently what I thought was the movement of tiny feti was gas (or my over hopeful imagination).  This is the earliest I've ever bred bunnies and I'm not sure if daylength could have affected fertility or not.  Everyone seemed to have a good breeding...I watched and was nosy enough to check the does vent so there was some passing of bodily fluids going on!  Two of the bucks I hadn't used before, but I know for sure that Bigwig is capable of making some beautiful bunnies.  I won't rebreed Buffy- she is getting up there in age, but will try a rebreed with Dalilah + Butterbur and Mocha + Bigwig, probably this weekend.  I'm thinking that both Dalilah and Mocha are a bit on the overweight side too!  GRRRRR.


  1. Oh the trials of raising bunnies! Hope you have better luck with your next breedings.

  2. I have never raised rabbits. But I know with goats, it is best to keep them skinny before breeding and have them gaining weight during breeding time...this way they are more likely to twin or triplet. Learned that from an old French Canadian farmer.