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Monday, May 16, 2011


Okay.  I tried again with a slightly different lineup....
Dalilah paired up with Butterbur.  Dalilah is Dd so this pairing may produce some dilutes.  Both of these bunnies have excellent temperaments and nice fiber.
Mocha was again paired with Bigwig.  These two are awesome wool producers and good natured to boot.

Both pairs stayed together for about 8 hours, under supervision in an outside pen.  They seemed to enjoy each others company and romped around and rested together in the shade.  They were put together on Mother's Day for a first week of June kindling.  The weather should be much kinder then anyway.


  1. I have a desperate case of bunny envy. I miss my bunnies. I'll have to find new ones up here. At least my buns went to a good home where their fibre will be used for spinning and where they will have lots of attention. :)

  2. They are so pretty! I just love your bunny pictures. Blog bunnies are as close as I can get because I am so allergic to their fluffiness. Hope you get lots of wonderful babies this time around.