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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Last summer our dear friends daughter was married and at each table setting there was a packet of sunflower seeds.  Since all five of us went, be recieved five packets.
Not long after the wedding, we had a swim at their house and were gifted with about 20 more packets.
They spent the fall and winter snuggled up together in a drawer in the china hutch (doesn't everyone keep seed packets there?)
This spring another couple of friends let us borrow their roto-tiller.  Will quadrupled our garden space and tilled a long narrow strip along the edge of the front pasture.
They look quite pretty from the road and the goats look longingly at them...they are just our of head reach no matter how they contort themselves!
View from the road including the not quite finished barn.
Some of the gang having their morning fiber.


  1. I wanna visit!! Your home/farm is lovely!!

  2. Gorgeous and yes your farm looks wonderful. Do you ever get bears around?

  3. Love the sunflowers - I should take a picture of mine. Not nearly as many as yours, but they are so cheery!