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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

CSA yarn Share

I've been working on some yarn from Cameo's fleece for a few weeks...getting in a half hour here and there spinning and plying.  The boys are always pestering asking me if they can have a turn so they were in charge of taking the plied yarn off of the wheel and onto the skein winder.
I realized, however, that I usually count rotations so I can figure out how much yarn is in the skein.  Oh well. They were having lots of fun!
So I decided that I'd just tediously count the each strand after they were done.
I did have to remind Sam (go figure) that it wasn't a race and the zoomy zoom noises and going really fast weren't necessary.  He gave me the look.
I've noticed that many boys and men are interested in the mechanics of spinning; both mine and the fellas I've run across at spinning demonstrations.  I once brought my drum carder to a demo and had to explain it over and over to lots of guys who all said "hey, that looks easy to make"! 
One skein of many...the finished product is light worsted weight and a pale fawn/oatmeal color of pure Shetland.  This yarn is destined for Washington D.C.
More to ply when I get home!

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