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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Spinning at the llama barn

One of my favorite things to do since we've been on vacation has been to set up my Ashford Joy on the llama barn porch and spend some morning time spinning.  I didn't have much time before leaving to card fleece which stressed me out to no end since it is silly to cart a wheel across 1,000 miles with nothing to spin on it.  Will convinced me that we had plenty of room to bring the drum carder and some fleece so I did.  I spent a morning carding up some of Cameo's fleece which is long and soft and fluffy!  I had brought some angora to blend with it but it was soft enough already and I really just wanted to feel that long silky fleece slip through my fingers.  I think she is classified as an intermediate fleeced shetland and she is the largest sheep in our flock (her picture is on the sidebar).  She has a white background with very large patches of fawn and it blends into a nice dark oatmeal/pale taupe color.  She has a rather shy personality.

The llama barn actually WAS a llama barn before it was converted into guest quarters.  Seems fitting.

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  1. She's a lovely girl. It's wonderful that her fiber didn't even need Angora. I just love it when a sheep gives me fiber that makes me happy like that. :)