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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Shaker Village

Yesterday we went to the Canterbury Shaker Village in Canterbury NH.  The village was originally 3000 acres with 300 members at the height of their movement, and is currently at 600 acres with one remaining sister (not on site) who is 91.  It is a lovely timepiece and testimony to the incredible ingenuity that the Shakers had and the furnishings left me drooling after leaving each house in the village.  Will enjoyed looking at all the post and beam construction in the barns and houses and shared my enthusiasm for the beautiful, labor intensive and simple furnishings.  We left the gift shop a few dollars lighter with some gifts, though I resisted the siren call that a shaker sewing box was singing to me (not hard at $165.00).  There was a very sweet lady spinning on an Ashford Traveller at the gift shop and we had a nice conversation with her.

Spent last evening, sans children, with the Wheelers, Pouilliots and Johnsons around a campfire overeating some wonderful Maine corn and listening to tunes from the fellows playing guitar, pennywhistle and mandolin.  Dear friends and very enlightened people whose company we always look forward too.  It is always interesting hearing stories about your husband being naughty when he was in college....  The Wheelers have a feed and grain business and I was able to hold a few bunnies, pat some goats and horses and stroke some kitties....I didn't realize how homesick I was for the animals until then.

Evidently the kids had a great time with Aunt Bonnie yesterday at the amusement park.  We spoke with them all on the phone and Sam said "this is the best vacation I ever had!"  Aunt Bonnie sounded pretty beat though!  :)  They will be home this morning and Aunt Mary will be arriving sometime today for a visit.

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