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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Winter Solstice

I came home from work Monday evening to this beautiful roaring fire...the Yule log was a huge one this year! Will lit the fire using the meager remains of last years log and the fire was lit before the sun went down. After the kids went to bed, we roasted some chestnuts and drank a bottle of Bragget (a Honey wine/beer) that a friend brought to us during the first barn raising. We stayed up late to enjoy the fire and put another small log underneath to keep it going overnight. I think Will was up around 4:30 am to put another one underneath it and when we were up at 6:15 it was still going strong and in fact made it until dawn broke! So, we expect that the sun will rise everyday here after the rest of the year! ;) Will salvaged a tiny bit of the log to start next years fire.
Busy finishing up some last minute details for the holidays at this point, and today is the Lila Wren's birthday! She has been anticipating turning 9 since January 1, and I'm sure that as the year turns she will inform us that she will be 10 this on earth did THAT happen?!? There will be some giggly girls riding home on the bus today with her and we will be having her favorite supper (roast beef and crab rangoons) with her friends and after supper we will be making the traditional ginger-bread creations. You know, give a kid a blob of gingerbread dough and let them create and decorate...some of them are pretty stunning in the end. More pics tomorrow!

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