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Thursday, December 24, 2009

The budding artist...

I MEANT to post this last week, but time just got away from me. This is the text from the local paper...

Three Lakes Student Wins Christmas Card Contest

Things were looking good to third grader Lila MacKinnon the week before Thanksgiving. The Three Lakes Academy student recalls, "Our art teacher told us we were going to have a card contest. And I like to draw!" The contest was sponsored by the Academy's chartering agent, Bay Mills Community College, and was open to elementary school students attending the college's many charter schools. The winning entry would be used on this year's Christmas Cards send from the college.

The students' imaginations were the only limitations on the entries produced. "I like cats, " MacKinnon confirmed, "so I thought I'd just draw what I liked...a cat by a Christmas Tree." She confesses she didn't give the project a lot of thought. "I just did it".

Her entry featured a festive scene of a Christmas kitty popping out from one of the gift boxes beneath a trimmed Christmas tree. The message "Happy Holidays" printed in banner letters across the top put the whole scene in focus.
MacKinnon lives with her parents, Will and Sherry, and brothers Sam and Duncan on South Curtis Road. Their place is home to sheep, llamas, rabbits, dogs and chickens. "Mom calls it a fiber farm."

Tuesday December 15, MacKinnon was informed that her entry was chosen as the Christmas scene on the college cards. SHe recieved samples of the finished product, including the College "letterhead", and a small cash prize.

Could there be anything else she might want for Christmas?

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