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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Finished Barn Frame

Here she is, all ready to go. The barn frame was almost complete except for the lean to top beam, which is 2 8x8x8's and one 8x8x16...HEAVY! We needed several people to hoist that beam up.
Here they are...just about to heft the beam up...

Tom is holding this section...

Hey, is that brace in there yet?

Almost....have to move the post a bit...

Hmmm. This is out of order it appears!

Okay, it needs to come this way a bit more!

Got it!

Doug and Tom

This is Neal. You will see more of him later!

Pounding in a peg.

This is the first roof truss.

Tom anchoring one side.

Remember Neal? He carried every single roof truss across the length of the barn, walking on unsecured beams. The roof trusses were assembled on the ground.

There he goes with truss number three....of seven!

Fitting it in place.

Another one??

The Final Truss!

Now the purlins (or is that purloins?) go in.

The frame is finished. Since it is made of white pine, a bough was removed from one of it's sisters on our property and nailed to the give thanks to the trees and acknowledge their sacrifice to keep our animals and their food warm and dry.

A job well done! We couldn't have done it without our support group that day: Mark and Susan, Neal, Tom, Kristie, and Doug. We toasted the barn and the many sore muscles with Talisker single malt and a few Two-Hearted Ales. I wonder if Neal is still sore???

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  1. I just adore these photographs of your barn raising, we do have quite a lot in common ;)