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Monday, December 28, 2009

Brunch with Pere Noel

The Portage Township Lions Club sponsored a "brunch with Santa" the Sunday prior to Christmas. Of course, the kids wanted to go, as we missed seeing Santa in Curtis at Thanksgiving. They were the first kids to show up so there were many exclamations of glee when we showed up....not for us grown-ups either. After pancakes, eggs, toast and sausage we worked our way over to the big guys lap.
Lila was quite delighted to sit on Santas Lap, even though her long legs were just about touching the floor. Santa had REAL quality presents for everyone...for many kids in our town this will be the major part of their holiday. The blue fuzzy thing is a heffalump. She loved it!

Duncan, as usual, played the shy boy with Santa. He did muster up a few words to say to the old boy and received some lego type thing and a book of mazes for his effort.

Sam...well he was completely into the whole thing and gave his usual hugs to Santa....and Santa gave him some too. He also received a lego toy and a cool book about science facts.

By Santa! See you next year!

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