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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Six Years Old!

This post is to celebrate a milestone for one of the humans in our household...thats right- Sam Fin turned six years old on Saturday! Most unfortunately he spent all of the weekend throwing up (again), so we had to postpone having friends over until next weekend. Grandma Marilyn was not spared however.

Even if you aren't feeling well, it is good to open birthday presents. Sam was much taken with many of his presents and received a bunch of Michigan Chillers books, some v-smile game cartridges, a couple of transformers, two tee shirts and overalls (his were most definately too small for him), a couple of books about space and dinosaurs, some cards, balls and other things I can't remember off hand. He did get ten bucks in a card that he was terribly excited about and carried that around for quite some time before he put it into his bank (only after taking everything out and counting it before putting it back in).

Oh yes, a new marble run that Duncan was also very excited about!

Now, the cake. Sam asked for a snake on his cake- Green he said. Then he decided it should have some red stripes and "could he put them on please?" So, on went red stripes. Then a yellow sun and some blue lines. Pretty cool that I got out of most of the decorating this year!!!

He did blow out the candles, but didn't feel up to eating a piece even by Sunday.

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