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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Six Days Old

Here are Mocha Delight's two kits- they are now six days old and beginning to get hair. It was time to change the nest box bedding, so out they came into a warm patch of sunshine.

They both looked black for a few days after they were born, but this one looks to be an agouti of some shade of brown. He/she has a white belly and white in his/her ears. They are both oh so soft.....

This little one does appear to be staying black! Their eyes should open at ten days old, so by thursday or friday. They are very chubby- Mocha is evidently feeding them well! From what I've been able to ascertain online and from a few breeders that I know, most people take the nest box out of the mothers hutch and keep them elsewhere during the day, only returning the nest box and babies to the mother once or twice a day to feed them- primarily to avoid having them accidentally drug out of the box to die of exposure on the wire, or to avoid the mother stomping them to death. Mocha looked so dejected for hours after I first took them out of the box, that I felt bad and returned them and took a wait and see attitude...all appears to be well so I'm glad they went back in with her. Mother and babies are inside to temperature isn't an issue and she doesn't go into the nest box unless she is feeding them. Everyone seems pretty happy with the situation!

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