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Thursday, May 21, 2009

The end of another school year...

Monday was the art show at Emerald Elementary...we could finally see what Lila and Sam have been doing in Art class all year. The teacher had been hoarding the work for the final week.

Lila did a really cool self portrait (though she didn't really like it herself), and a beautiful rendition of Monet's water lilies.

Sam also did a self portrait and this really cool collage of "the Grouchy Ladybug" after the book of the same name by Eric Carle.

Not to be outdone, Duncan graduated from preschool on Tuesday evening with all the pomp and circumstance accorded to such occasions. We found out that his favorite food is chives and that he also wants to be a scientist when he grows up- just like his brother Sam who wants to mix things together and make them explode...

Will also helped out in Lila's class and the rest of the second grade classes doing a sheeps eye dissection- in second grade for heaven's sake! I'm pretty sure I was in eigth grade before we did a sheeps eye... Lila was not impressed and said it was quite disgusting. I have to agree that the smell of formaldehyde is not my favorite scent...but sheeps eyes are so cool...

School is officially done on May 22! Next year will see all the kids back in Curtis at the new Charter School- Hurray!!!

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