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Monday, May 11, 2009

Mocha's Babies

Just a quicky to let you know that Mocha's babies have arrived....
There were only two, born sometime early this morning. They have fat plump tummies so they are already being fed well by mama. Evidently they are going to be dark! They look a little bit like little bats with that black shiny skin! It won't be long and they will start getting thier fur...

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  1. Thanks for the birthday greetings. I will be in NH from 27 June through 10 July so maybe another year. Work schedule is quite full right now. Have found a Kiwi couple to enjoy your blog. Sylvia and I like it very much. Sylvia is in Alice Springs and should go to Adelaide by train soon, then to Melbourne to borrow a campervan for a 30 day trip to Tasmania. A free campervan opportunity doesn't arrive often so she is doing a trip she has wanted to do for years. She'll be home about 20 July just before I go back to sea again. She will probably do a bit of time with me on the ship that month to check out some pirate treasure.