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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Growing Up

Those new baby chicks are growing up and starting to look like mini chickens.

These photos were taken on Monday, which was bright and sunny and warm...summer finally.

Some of the chicks have feathered legs on the outside shanks, some have bare legs, and some have extra toes!

Based on wing growth rate and tail feathers I'd GUESS that five of the twelve are roosters.

Many of them are going to be a pretty gray like their daddy. Since these photos were taken they have gained many more feathers and are getting a little crazy.

"Chicken watching AND a massage! What could a kitty like better."




  1. The chicks are gorgeous. So is the kitty. Hard to believe she is the mama of the Linus monster. She looks so little and sweet!

    1. I know...we ask her how she could have brought Spotty Spock into this world too! He is giant and a monster also! :)

  2. Love from Maine where I swam last weekend. Warm, come on back!