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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

No Pictures Required

Deer mice are supposed to stay outdoors, but they don't know about that rule and regularly make a house appearance. Add five house cats to the mix and life can get a little more exciting; for all of us.
After a shower, and kitted up in my thick squishy robe and a turban like towel arrangement over my wet hair, I went into the kitchen to put on the tea water and start kid lunches. I immediately stumbled into a tableau involving three cats and a deer mouse looking slightly worse for wear. Now, I don't mind really if the cats catch and play with and ultimately kill mice but I don't enjoy watching it. Billy Bones caught him in his mouth and I decided this was my opportunity to catch the mouse in cupped hands and put it outside.
This is where things began to go askew.....Billy dropped the mouse and before I could scoop it up, it scurried underneath me as I was poised over the cat. My bathrobe was touching the floor, and the mouse decided the quickest escape route was climbing up the back of my bathrobe (on the inside)! I remember thinking this was an interesting predicament, and before I knew it the wee beastie was perched on my left shoulder. Not wanting to be bit, I calmly walked to the back deck outside and dropped the robe....the mouse hurriedly escaped my presence and I had a bit of a laugh. Fortunately we don't have neighbors on that side of the house!


  1. I remember Lady Magon screaming one evening whilst we were watching TV. "Mouse, mouse" she shrieked, as she pointed to a little scurrying ball of grey. I quickly picked up a smallish pillow, and launched it frisby-style at the creature; knocking it unconscious. I then picked it up by its tail and, like you, took it outside where it revived and ran off (no doubt a bit confused).

  2. LOL! I've had kittens go up the inside of my robe but never a mouse!

  3. That's hilarious. Cute pic of the little mouse.

  4. LOL! Had to be a little unnerving. You displayed great calm.