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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Rhubarb 'kinda day

First thing after the animals were fed, the kids and I went to harvest the rhubarb.

I did the stalk cutting and leaf whacking, while the three wee beasties did what they do best.





Make weird faces and voices!

I did get some help chopping, mixing, and sampling.

We ended up with two and a half pints of Rhubarb-Ginger butter (sweetened with our maple syrup), four and a half pints of Orange-Rhubarb butter, and one pint of lemon curd (that has nothing to do with rhubarb but I have four pounds of fresh organic lemons to use up and thought I'd try my hand at it). There is also enough rhubarb and organic strawberries to make at least three strawberry-rhubarb pies; one for Father's Day and two for the freezer. I love squirreling away produce!



  1. I would love your rhubarb-ginger butter recipe!

    1. It is Marisa's from Food in Jars- she calls it a compote but I cooked it down further to make a butter. I didn't have ginger juice so just added more grated ginger and substituted maple syrup for the honey. :).

    2. Thanks! (Wish I had my own maple syrup!!!)

  2. Hi Folks,
    There are several recipes for rhubarb champagne that have alcohol or not.
    The secret is to look on google(g)
    Roast lamb, roast veggies and home made rolls last nite with a couple of grandbrats and Viv.

    1. Oh boy....we may have to plant more rhubarb!

  3. Love rhubarb. Haven't found any yet this year. It might be too late.