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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Happy Birthday John!

June 1st marks the birthdate of two verra kind and sweet Johnnie's that I know.

The first is the Pirate John; Uncle Johnnie; John-nonnie. He lives in New Zealand and we miss him and love him verra much. We will get to see him in August in NH! Someday he will be surprised to find the Michigan MacKinnons on his and Auntie Syl's doorstep. I probably should have posted this yesterday because of the time difference....sorry Johnnie!

Uncle John and Grammy Jo

The other John is John Gray, who also lives far away; but in North Wales. John is a blog friend whom I love dearly. He will be celebrating his birthday in posh new clothes and be treated like a king by his partner. I hope there is a scotch egg in your near future John Gray! Hugs to you.

John Gray and one of the Ukranian Villagers



  1. Thanks guys-as you can see I've been a bit derelict on blog reading. sorry to hear of Waters and CC. See you in Aug. I still have my blog to update as I've done 3 compasses this time off.