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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

July "Surprises"

I think I have identified July's "surprise" lambers....much easier after the coats and fleeces come off!

Deja is already bagging up and looking like twins are on the menu again. I didn't get a photo of Nala, but she too is filling up her udder and her belly.

"Hey, what about me Mom? " Well, yes, Faola it does appear that you too will have a lamb soon." I'm keeping my fingers crossed it is a small single since she is just a year old herself! She and Mull share the same sire so I'm very interested in seeing how this goes. Should be a lovely lamb.

I think that is it! It could have been a lot phew!


1 comment:

  1. Definitely interested in a potential Foula/Mull lamb just so you know...the lambs are settling in well with Lil Kim showing the boys how to go out to get grass. Maya's boy is the one is likes me the best so far but I am working on them....thanks for taking such good care of their moms over the winter.