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Monday, September 9, 2013

Scatach's Forever Home

This morning I had an email from DJ saying she had settled on Long John Silver (impeccable timing!)...and this afternoon I received a phone call from a neighbor and friend saying she heard we may have a kitten that needed a home. Her young daughter's 17 year old cat wandered away a few days ago and didn't come home and she was hoping a kitten would ease the pain a bit.

And while "Checkers" won't replace their lost old kitty, she will keep a little girls heart warm.

We will get to see her grow up too! Checkers/Scatty will only live five miles away.

Big smiles all the way around.



  1. yay : ) I am glad she found a good home!

  2. Win-win--happy, happy. God speed!

  3. Everything always works out just the way it should! So glad she found a good home.