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Sunday, September 15, 2013

An unsuspecting day...

Today was alpaca moving day...from the pasture down the road to home base. The first surprise was the newborn cria to an alpaca we had no clue was pregnant...she is a white huacaya female and she gave birth to a white Suri male cria. In my crazed, though logical (given the circumstances) mind this leads me to believe that ANY of them could be pregnant.... The second surprise was the 15 month male cria practicing his male craft on the unsuspecting Peggy Sue while we were worming and trimming toes, and the third surprise was that Igraine the llama REFUSED to get on the trailer despite all the cajoling and threats. She is sitting there by herself tonight and we hope her solitary confinement will convince her to tamely walk into the trailer tomorrow...(please oh please oh please oh please.....whimper whimper).

1 comment:

  1. I suppose if you have a male in with the females; anything can happen, and probably will!

    Evening fire weather here now too. We lit our first yesterday.