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Friday, August 23, 2013

Exercise in Agony

Getting three children to agree on which kittens to keep is just that. I'm getting anxious to make decisions so we can find good homes for those we aren't keeping. Lila was in tears over this because she doesn't want to choose favorites fearing somehow the kittens will feel unloved. I tried to explain it wasn't a matter of loving one more than another and that we would ensure they all had good homes.....sigh. Duncan is lobbying hard for his choice pointing out what a good lap cat she will be and commenting continuously on her cuteness. Sam just gives us his big sad eyed puppy look. We will be keeping two or three I think. The parental units have avoided making this hard and fast decision but it has to be made soon.

Can you blame us with faces like these? They are almost as heart wrenching as the kids faces as they are begging "please, please....can't we keep them all?" (No is the answer just in case you are going to encourage that!)

Aaa argh!

They are totally in the "I'll chew your leg off and trash your house" mode right now! Surfaces once littered with papers and books are swept clean by the morning and they chewed open a bag of rice and scattered it all over the floor like a crazy slip n slide. They enjoy walking on the cross beams 8 feet above the floor and walking on the outside of the banisters along the stairs....they are making me a nervous wreck. Uncle Ginger seems to be enjoying wrestling with his new charges and Snickers seems okay with that.



  1. It is always hard letting go of cute kittens!!! I should know I have 9 of them : )

  2. Awww...

    Now I know why I said I would take one.

  3. I think a family vote is required. Names in a hat, and whichever kitten has the most votes stays! I'm sure the others will find homes; they're too cute not to!

  4. That silver tabby has your name written all over it Cro!