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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Double the Dazzle's Cria

Dazzle's cria arrived on Monday....a sweet little male who is the richest shade of brown...not sure if he is a dark fawn or a light brown at this point!

He probably should be named Radagast because he is going to stay brown, while Creme's cria seems to be lightening up to a pale fawn color. 
 They aren't used to their names and aren't yet registered so we may change it!

His self being greeted by Jura, Riverbelle's yearling male cria.

 He is a cute little bugger!

 His mum, Dazzle laying behind her cria.

He has  beautiful dark eyes.

Fiona is in the barn having contractions so I'm expecting her cria to show up soon...
I hope it is a girl!  So far we are at a 3:1 male to female ratio.


  1. He's a beauty! It always amazes me how large their ears are. Seems like your small alpaca herd is doubling in size. :)

    1. It only seems like it....if Fiona ever has her cria it will be a 25% increase. I'd like to see a similar decrease as well....when is your husband retiring? :)

  2. He is sooooo cute!!! I cant wait to see Fionas little one!

  3. Baby animals are so sweet looking.

  4. Do the different colour wools fetch different prices? I know nothing about these things! CUTE certainly seems the most appropriate description!

    1. Hand spinners seem to prefer grey and black right now so those seem to fetch a higher price....but white is always dye-able so it all depends I suppose....