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Thursday, June 23, 2011


Not the dessert kind or the legal kind.
The whole nest box at Five Days Old- losing the "piggy" look as the sister's in law call it!

See how different these two look?  I thought perhaps the lighter one was a cream, but I think it might be a diluted tort.  The puir wee thing had a bug bite on its ear.
And, though the darker kit looks like a fawn, genetically it cannot be since neither parent carries the Agouti (A) gene.  So, it too, is a tort.

Here is the lighter fellow.  I can see shading on its flanks, belly, feet and other points.  I think, based on comparison with its lilac sibling that it is a lilac...pearl?  Maybe chocolate?- Update:  Probable Blue Tort!

Here is the brighter orangeish kit.  I also see shading in the same areas as the first kit.  It doesn't seem as obvious though for some reason.  Same pale color so perhaps a lilac tort again?  Could be chocolate? Update: Chocolate Tort!

Here is the cutie Vienna marked black at five days old.

And Sammy holding the chubby all black kit.

Yesterday the kits turned 14 days old and they have their eyes open and have started a wobbly bouncing walk that is great fun to watch!  We had them out on the bed for their first free romp.

Every time I picked up the Lilac it fell asleep in my hand.
Same thing happened with the tort.
Getting these two together was like herding cats!  No one wanted to pose.  I guess I thought my thumbs were in the way!
Top view color comparison- now that their coats are getting longer it doesn't seem quite so strikingly different.
Ready to back with Mum.  Soon they won't be wanting to stay in the nest box proper and will be out harassing their mother!

Thanks to Annette and Lisa for their help interpreting colors!


  1. I am quite in love with the lilac.

  2. Me too! It is staying. I'm hoping for a doe...

  3. They are all incredibly beautiful, though I must say, Sammy is the most beautiful bunny of all.