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Monday, June 20, 2011

The sheep were shorn

Okay, I'm a bit behind.  The sheep were shorn on June 1- it was perfectly timed to be after the rise of the fleece and David hit it right on.
There is a sheep in the middle up is Zanzibar.  She has a pretty Musket fleece.

This is her again...still hard to see the sheep though!  You'll have to trust me.

 Clearly, you can see a sheep in here.  The picture is blurry because the shearer was in constant motion.  This is Beltane.

This is the sheep handling crew.  Will would hand out a sheep, David would take it, and I'd bag the wool.  I got to take more pictures this year!

And Elle was last.

All the fleeces have been washed (by me!) and I took them town to Frankenmuth last week to have processed.  I now have several bags of yummy roving just biding their time in the basement....

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