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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Angora Kit Color Development

Here are Dalilah's kits at two days old.  Their colors are developing rapidly and it is apparent that none of them are white!  The kit in the middle looks lilac, the top kit on the left is possibly cream, and the top kit on the right looks fawn to me, though neither of the parents have the agouti gene so perhaps it is a other coloration on it at this point.  One of the blacks has vienna marks- a tiny white blaze on the head, one white foot and a white spot on the leg. The black kit on the left looks like a deep dark brown to me- the buck has the c (chl) gene so this is likely producing a shading affect on the black.  The c (chl) gene removes the yellow pigment from the coat so the fawnish kit on the top right evidently didn't inherit it.  They are so cute....


  1. Are you trying to pass these piglets off as rabbits? Shame on you ! Well, post some photos in a week or two so we can see if their ears become rabbit ears and so we can see whether they have a rabbit tail or a curly piggy. Are they in the barn, these babies?