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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We have arrived!

Okay, we actually arrived Sunday evening. After coming through the Vertmont-Quebec border crossing we decided to stop at the "welcome to VT rest area" for a free cuppa Green Mtn. Roasters Coffee and to have a bit of lunch via the cooler. Whilst perusing the brochures we came across one for the Bread and Puppet Theatre company in Glover VT. We realized that we were only a few miles away and decided to stop to visit the museum there and hopefully pick up a few goodies for friends. It was incredible!!! SO many puppets and arranged very interestingly...18 foot high face masks down to tiny little finger puppets all lovingly handmade. Bread and Puppet has been around since the 60's and Will has some very fond memories of festivals. The best thing was we actually arrived in time for a performance (in the inside theatre since it was pouring down rain...). Will managed to catch a fair bit of it, but the kids were not into the introduction (being political in nature and probably not entertaining for kids thought hilarious to us boring adults), so I left with the party poopers and went back into the museum. We bought some really cool posters and goodies for our lovely friend Ruthette who is SO into puppets and an awesome puppeteer in her own right.

I have lots of photos and a really fast connection, but did I bring the cable for the camera??? No...

Had an impromptu dinner last evening with all the sisters and our great neice Micki. LOTS of dogs. Glad (though sad too) that we left the dogs home...three more may have been a bit much.

Missing the sheep and the bunnies. We passed many farms along the way from Curtis east through Montreal and south through the White Mountains but I only saw two farms with sheep...I'll have to run over soon to Liz Conrads farm just a bit down the road to see her woolies and check out her fiber...she has mostly border leicesters (I can't say or read that without thinking of Ma in Babe and her proclomation- "I'm a border leicester ewe")...I miss my shetlands! :( Those tiny white bunnies will be unrecognizable when we return too. BUT- we are having spaghetti dinner at Aunt Bonnie Bon Bon Banana heads house tonight with Almost Uncle Patrick and the rest of the Clan, and planning a trip to the ocean. We definately have to get in a trip to the movies to see "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince " too! Liz also sells lamb so we will be having some kebobs in the near future...last year we made a rosemary, thyme, garlic and olive oil marinade that was awesome.

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