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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Home again...people pictures

The bloody blogger isn't cooperating so you get all the pictures first...

Sam, Duncan and Lila in the Strawberry Bank Dory at Odiorne Point Science Center

Duncan and Sam looking for tidepool creatures.

Torturing Aunt Alis

The traditional photo op at the Ottawa River in Mattawa, Ontario. The province of Quebec is in the background.

HA! Got one with Will in it this year!

Family tidepooling- looks rough eh?

Yes, we made it home in one piece, sanity (what there was) mostly intact. It was a long hot ride and the air conditioner had decided that it needed more freon to live...we were unable to satisfy its thirst for the vile substance and suffered for it accordingly!

All was well upon arrival, with the exception of losing Miss Marples- evidently she got out somehow and has not returned...going on week two. She was an interesting cat and not overly friendly (with the exception of Will whom she worshipped), but she will be missed nonetheless. Hopefully she will turn up.

All the woolies were pleased to see us, and as predicted, the baby english angora kits were twice the size they were when we left! They were put into a bigger cage outside, and this morning the Blue-eyed white buck went to his new home. My friend Jane (a fellow spinner) and her husband Mike picked him out and named him "Edgar" (after Edgar Winter). Another spinner in the Sault will be buying one of the BEW does- leaving us with another BEW doe and a lovely vienna marked buck (that Duncan wants to keep of course). I think I have another customer for the buck too. That would leave us with six English angora bunnies to take care of- and they are a handful!!
Tomorrow is another State furlough day- this will be spent making shortbread for the next days wedding...we are so excited. It is especially nice because it is also our wedding anniversary...what a great gift - Will in a kilt!! The bride is a daughter of our friends Doug and Ruthette. Lila is way out of control with this...she has tried on SEVERAL dresses and combination of accessories in anticipation. She made her card as soon as we returned! This is the first wedding the kids have been invited too so it is a big deal to them! Plus they have known Rachel all their lives so they are so happy for her. I think Will also will be going to purchase our first installment of 8X8 timbers for the!!!

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