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Monday, July 27, 2009

These guys are just too darn cute.

Over the weekend I groomed all six of the Buns that have hair long enough to tangle- the four adults and the two ten week old "babies". I was pretty shocked to pluck over an ounce apiece from Taffy and Jellybean. I was able to fill six plus bags of fuzz with more plucking to do later this week. We are now up to six different shades of English Angora fiber!

The list of things to do before heading east ebbs and flows...need an oil change, clean out the van, pack the clothes, give a presentation to sixty kids on "the language of color" (animal coloration) on Wednesday, go to a Piping Plover meeting at the UM Biological Station on Thursday, and assorted other work stuff, finish plucking bunnies, put out the salt block for the woolies, buy snacks for the road...hmmm. I 'm pretty sure the list was longer. Good thing I wrote it down.

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