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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

Yesterday, on the fourth of July, we attended the annual "Mills party Gala" replete with plenty of good food and imbibements. The kids favorite visitor "Tickle Doug" was up from southern Michigan to vist and brought many microbrews for us to enjoy. There was plenty of tickling going on too....none caught on camera this year however!

Today is the Curtis fourth of July celebration- we were roped in to being in charge of a food tent that the Chamber of Commerce generally runs, as a fund raiser for the charter school. We had no idea what a huge committment it would turn out to be and how little help we would actually have...poor Will has left already to start setting things up and to run repeated trips for heavy things. I will have to roust the kids out of bed soon so we can go help too. The parade starts at 12:30 and Lila is riding the school float. The boys are excited about the parade and collecting all the candy that is thrown. Between Easter, the fourth of July, Halloween and Christmas we are constantly in candy. Except for Duncan. He runs out between times!

The list is going down though....the ram lamb (Beltane) has been banded, the last sheep will be shorn tomorrow (and hey, we are getting good at it!), the chicken coop is done (except for winterizing which will happen later this fall), all the chickens are in the coop so we can clean out the garage, we have a house sitter/animal watchers for our trip east (Big relief there!!), and I am in the process of washing all the wool we have shorn. My goal is to have it all washed and ready to card up by the time we leave for NH. Next on the list: trimming LLama toes, shearing llamas, cleaning out the garage, moving the mamas and lambs to the big pasture with everyone else, starting the barn.... oh dear. It never seems to get smaller does it?

We have procrastinated on passports- mostly in protest for such a ridiculous thing for crossing the Canadian border, but we are procrastinators by nature. Getting photos taken on tuesday- all five of us and it will cost $55.00 just for pictures for the passports! I think with proof that we have applied for the bloody things we can still cross the border. Otherwise, it will be a long drive south around the Great Lakes to go to NH...but whose fault will that be???

I will make sure there are photos in the next post- honest.

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