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Friday, June 26, 2009

This weeks delights!

Thursday was a good surprise day this week. I went to Sabra's house to pick up the three Auracana hens on Wednesday which went without a hitch amazingly and we had a good visit to boot. These hens are laying already being of a more mature stature. Sabra mentioned that due to the disruption in their lives they would likely not lay for several days. So, we were quite suprised when on Thursday there were two eggs in the nest boxes! This, of course was the grand event that the kids have been waiting for so it was done with all the pomp and circumstance deserved by such an occasion (I got out a collection basket lined with a cotton napkin and brought out the camera).
Duncan had specially requested that he get to collect the eggs if there were any- fortunately there were two so Sam wasn't left out and Lila was a good sport...
Before I left for work on Thursday, miss Buffy decided she was going to make a nest after all and was busy ripping all that beautiful fiber from her chest and shoulders. Will called me around 9:30 to tell me she had kindled and there were three white kits in the nestbox. I got home and peeked under all the fuzz they were nestled in and found Four kits- one dark one with a vienna mark on its forehead that had blended in with the bottom of the box. The three whites should have blue eyes as Buffy is Vienna marked and the buck is also a blue eyed white. Though maybe one will be a tort like her mother... :)Duncan wants to keep one of the pink ones he said. He thinks the fur will be pink.

And here are the two eldest baby rabbits at a whopping 8 weeks old- Taffy and Jellybean. They look huge but most of it is fur. They will be good woolers I think....

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