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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day-Solstice Chicken Coop

Happy Summer Solstice and Fathers Day! As I am writing, a key lime pie is baking in the oven- soon to be placed in the freezer. Special request from Will. Dinner will be bratwurst made locally in Escanaba slathered with fried onions, a salad, and beer or a usual (gin and tonic).

Said father is outside slaving away in the summer solstice heat (finally it feels like summer!) finishing the chicken coop. All that is left is the roof and some finishing touches. Good thing, because the garage has been overun completely by chickens that refuse to stay in their brooder box! It is hazardous to go into the garage for fear of stepping on the wee beasties or in their poo. good thing there was a nice layer of wood shavings...they too have been scattered through the garage. Oh well, at least this means a good cleaning will be had.

Our dear friends Dave and Sabra and their kids are moving :( They had bought a lovely variety of chickens so we made the plunge and purchased a few from them since the coop is so roomy (10 x 12). So we now have the following new chicks: 2 dark brahma bantams, 2 welsummer, 2 white crested polish (one is a bantam), 1 white frizzle bantam (called miss frizz after the magic school bus teacher), 1 salmon faverolle and 1 black langshan. They are younger than the chickens we had originally so they are outside having fun in the bunny run- having dust baths appears to be a very gratifying endeavor. Just before our friends leave we will also get their adult hen auracaunas...the kids love their green/blue eggs.

Still plenty to be done around here- seems like it has been so busy but the list doesn't go down any! Still have to band the ram lamb and finish up shearing. It is getting too hot to have unshorn sheep, but the chicken coop has been the priority this weekend. CDT shots have been given and some more hay purchased to get us through until hay harvest, which is SOON- first week of July....more work! Have to get the barn started too, so we have a place to store hay. Never enough time or money it seems!! :)

Went to spinning group yesterday and had a blast. Spun up some of Nala and Buffys wool...a shetland & Angora blend...heavenly! I'm so happy that we added the bunnies to our mix. Speaking of which- Jellybean and Taffy are now six weeks old! Both are males...we will be keeping Jellybean and Taffy will be for sale. They are both very tame and have been handled a lot by myself and the kids. It will be hard to see Taffy go, but Buffy hopefully is bred and will be having a litter this week- another small litter I imagine, as she generally only has two or three at a go.

Gotta run- have to set up the slip and slide for the kids and get that key lime pie in the freezer! Dad- I'll give you a ring tonight!!!

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