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Monday, July 28, 2014

Lamb update

Summer continues along at its own pace regardless of the whimpers of humans who ask it to slow down....

Standing hay monoliths at which wooly creatures will worship the idea of summer past....

578 bales in the barn, and another 400 to go upon our return from New England. I am steadily paying off my chiropractors student loans with visits to her office.

The "oops" lambs are steadily growing. This is Caol Ila with her mother Faola. She was the last lamb born and is a lap lamb. Snorgling is highly encouraged.

Despite looking black and white, she is a lovely shade of grey underneath, :)

Deja's twins; Roseburn and Daftmill. They are skittish and impossible to catch! They will come around eventually though. Roseburn is a dark blue grey and so far Daftmill is black.

I hope to find a wether home for hisself.

Ladyburn is as aloof and aristocratic as she looks. She too will succumb to the lure of cookies and scritches....she just doesn't know it yet.

Her mother, Nala, is a dear one so she can hardly escape her fate.

We check off our chore list, batten down the hatches, and enlist others to our cause so we may travel to New England to celebrate the life of Josie MacKinnon verra soon. We will join the rest of the far flung clan .....shortly.