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Monday, May 12, 2014


Last we left this sad tale, the wee Tobermorey was in the house, unable to stand or do very much of anything frankly. We are pretty sure he had polio and he was treated with copious amounts of thiamine (vitamin B). He recovered his ability to walk and has mostly stopped shaking his head and turning in circles, but appears to be partially blind. This could have been caused by the polio or I wonder if he was the second born behind Talisker who was a huge lamb and was oxygen deprived.

After two days I thought he might be able to go out with his mum, Gaia, but she thought otherwise; so back to the house he came and he has been in here for ten days. He does pretty well and follows us by sound. He has very little sight in his left eye and has limited vision in the right. He can tell the difference between light and dark at a distance and close up but can't see objects until he is right on top of them or runs into them.

So, we have a special needs lamb in the house for now. He does manage quite well to get about and depends a lot on his hearing to track where the humans are. He likes to run wide circles around whomever he is with and doesn't lose us that way. He loves to be outside and explore and hang with the big sheep. He has learned to walk on the linoleum in the kitchen and seems quite delighted about it! He is curious and sweet. And I hope he can cope as an adult living amongst the rest of the flock.

We love our first house lamb, and hope we did the right thing by him.

Thanks very much to both Karen and Sara for their advice, encouragement and kind words.....what would we do without mentors and friends?




  1. He looks very happy, so you definitely did the right thing :-D. What a cutie!!!

  2. Oh, he's sooo cute! I wouldn't mind a "house lamb" like him. I'm so sorry he has such health problems. But he sure does look happy and content. What a wonderful thing you're doing for him. Wishing you all the best.

  3. He looks like a sweetie. Sometimes we're blessed with special people or animals for a reason we can't begin to fathom. Kudos to you for allowing him to bless you. :)

  4. If he's happy then you are doing the right thing by him. Sounds to me like he's happy. :)