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Friday, May 16, 2014

Sam Fin and Grammy Jo

I wasn't sure I wanted to post recent events in this manner, but the photographs fit and my heart told me to go for it, so I hope you will forgive this unorthodox delivery.

Grammy Jo, the light of many people's lives, left this planet on Tuesday morning for uncharted territory. She will be fearless at the places on the map where "there might be dragons" because she will face them with feet firmly planted and charm them with her disarming and oh so loving smile. That's just the way she was. Josie gifted me with my first spinning wheel (that had been gifted to her by her first born) and was ever so proud when I learned to use it. You could say she enabled this whole wooly endeavor. Most of all, she gifted me with Will and new to me sisters, brothers, nieces and nephews. And, derivatively, Duncan, Lila, and Sam Fin.

Grammy Jo, Will and myself and all my new brothers and sisters.

Today, Sam Fin turned 11. He was very excited for it to be his birthday, but disappointed that it was SNOWING. On May 16th! I made him bacon and eggs, which cheered him up because, you know, bacon does that. Here is Sam Fin with his Grammy Jo. He was a big baby....

Sam, Josie, and Lila at Dougette's house on Big Manistique Lake circa 2003.

Sam and Grammy Jo some years later in New Hampshire.

This was just last year, and you can see, Sam's moon face remains the same though he is able to fashion it in many different ways...(Moon face: Sam was born on the evening of a full moon during a full lunar eclipse; plus he has a rather round head!)

As we celebrate the birthday of Sam Fin, so too will we celebrate the life of Josie/ Grammy Jo who was an inspiration to us and taught us that a charming and genuine smile can touch and warm the hearts of many.

(Thanks Mary for always taking pictures!)



  1. Very sorry for your loss. You have such a lovely family.

  2. Lover begun with the big sorren

  3. Such a sweet posting. I love you all!

  4. My heartfelt sympathies for your loss. May loving memories help you heal.