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Saturday, November 9, 2013

We lost our "Bright Eyes"

Our pretty little Bright Eyes, better known as "Chunk", decided today was the day to sleep on.

Chunk came to us as a mature ewe and had celebrated her eleventh birthday this year. She had no back grinding teeth left and getting nourishment to her has been a challenge the past couple of years even supplementing her with other goodies besides hay. We thought we would put her down before winter set in, but she beat us to it.

She will be missed greatly. Frolick on dear will be with me always.




  1. So sad when we lose our beloved animals. At least she went on her own. RIP

  2. I've not had sheep, so don't know how it feels to lose one; but of course I've had dogs and cats that have died, and if it's anything like that, then I send you my deepest sympathy. There's something so devastating about losing a well loved animal.

  3. Thank you everyone; your kindness is greatly appreciated. Chunk was one of the great characters in the barnyard and she is keenly missed.

  4. Run free Chunk. No sheep could have been luckier! I'm sorry for your loss.