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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Writer's Camp


This is where I left our junior writer this camp Wolverine to attend Author Quest! She was so excited and a little nervous and quiet too. First time away from home for four days!

Camp Wolverine is a retired DNR fish hatchery from 50 years back and there are old raceways filled with aquatic inverts, huge birch and white pine and lots of old buildings to explore. It will be a magical time.

It was crazy with the 60 registered kids, counselors, and family members. I got her settled in her dorm bunk and she was busy making a name tag for herself when I left. There were some fun girls bunking next to her and they dubbed that corner of the room "friends corner" so no doubt she will be in good hands. That didn't stop my eyes from leaking when I got to the car though....and I already miss her fiercely.




  1. Children have to do these things so that parents can deliver their kids to college... which is harder.

  2. I hope she writes a masterpiece and even more, I hope she has a great time at Camp Wolverine !!!