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Friday, June 21, 2013

Photos from Author Quest

Johnathan Rand posts photos to his blog so we parents out of contact with our kids can see what they are up to! I hope he realizes how much that means.....I think I will tell him.

Here we are checking in...

Group shot.....she is way in the back

A small breakout session

I can't wait to hear what the story behind the pack goat is!

They read their writing around the camp fire in the evening.

It is called "fire reading".

Morning exercise.

Making friends.

Corinne and Lila....bunk mates!



  1. It looks like your beautiful daughter had a lot for fun!!

  2. You guys have the coolest things that you do. Lila looks so grown up. About the packgoat. I have wanted one for years!!! Someday. I first saw them in the mountains in Arizona years ago.