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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Catching Up with October

October 7th- Big D turns EIGHT.

There was a party.  With lots of noise, boys, and face making.  Yikes.

October 26
 Halloween Dance for grades 5-7; the Lila Wren attended in this costume.

The Mandarin style long jacket was mine in my early 20's.  
I'm amazed at how much of my clothing from that era fits her.
She is also wearing my shoes!  Size 9 1/2....poor girl!

October 27- National Hug A Sheep Day

Fancy obliged me as usual.

Samhain 2012
I can't help but think of Terry Pratchett when I see Sam in this.  

Zombie's won by sheer numbers at the Curtis Ladies Aid Halloween Party.  At least one third of all the kids were dressed up as zombies.  I had that Cranberries song "Zombies" running through my skull all evening.

The Coquettish Cat.
I made that black skirt from 5 yards of black cotton when I was 18.

"Cats" is one of Lila's favorite movies.  I think her costume was thus inspired.

You may have noticed the photo rich post?
Yes, we have given up and joined the ranks of those enlightened by satellite internet service. 
 It will be years before, if ever, we are given the opportunity for any other form of high speed internet.  
 You can hear the sound of the wallet being sucked dry...
 However, all the wireless devices in the house now work much to the joy of all the 
wee ones and the phone line is forever available!  Call us!


  1. Wow Sherry, Lila really looks like you in these shots. Very beautiful.

  2. Especially those eye narrowed shots...she is practicing the Mom look on her brothers.....

  3. Love this post full of satellite powered images!!!!! Big D's big boy birthday pics and the Halloween horrific chillins. Agree with Aunt Mary...Lila has turned a corner toward Mom! Did you dye her hair too...much darker !! Love her elegant car noir persona! XOXO Auntie B

  4. Great costumes!!! Beautiful young lady. The boys...not so beautiful ;-). Happy Hug A Sheep Day :-D.