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Monday, November 19, 2012

A Very Barry Cherry Matchless

I received the following exciting email this weekend:

"Our vintage, matchless founder is soon to have a significant birthday. To celebrate, we’re offering a special-edition cherry Matchless double-treadle spinning wheel. The production folks are working on a not-yet-revealed special treatment/mark/bauble that’s sure to be unique and fun! We’ll let you know when we know!

If demand is anything like the last run, which sold out in days, it is best not to delay!

We’ll ship in batches beginning April 10, 2013, Barry’s birthday."

Price: Matchless Double Treadle Spinning Wheel, cherry $1450 (free shipping).

I've ordered one cheery cherry Matchless for the shop, so let me know if you are interested. I also have a price list for cherry accessories! They are worth the wait.



  1. looks lovely
    one would look lovely ( but useless) in our cottage)

    1. Oh dear,I guess maybe I'd have to visit and give you so lessons.... :)