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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Yule Tree

Every year, Lila wants a big tree.  Fortunately, we have the ceiling to do it.

So, on to Anderson's tree farm in Newberry to choose the sentinel.  We found out this year that they have a whole section of trees that are over nine feet!  No more combing the entire place for the gigantor tree, now there is a whole field of trees tucked away, off the beaten path for us to choose from.  It made selecting the tree a snap this year.

 Of course that gave us more time for horsing around.  (Why horsing around?  Why not goating around or sheeping around?  But I digress).

Note the serious lack of snow.
Note the serious lack of gloves.  They were left in the car.

Will poised to pull the string and release the pent up tree energy.

Duncan in front of the tree for size comparison, though I can't off hand tell you how tall he is!  I think he is still just about four feet tall.  He is about three feet in front of the tree which ended up being about ten feet tall.  We can go about another two feet till we touch the slope of the ceiling, but because of that beam that runs across the living room it would have to be scooched over to the left which would impede our egress from the kitchen.  It also would be wider at the base and take up a significant amount of living room space as well.

So here she is in all her glory. Do you like my photographic skills?  Warm and fuzzy is what I call this picture.  Oh okay, I'll take another one later....

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