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Monday, December 19, 2011

A Visit With The Big Guy

Every year the Manistique Lion's Club has a breakfast with Santa. 
It is really our only opportunity to see the Big Guy because the nearest mall is two hours away and anyway this is always just so much fun.

 Duncan went first.  This is his "I'm feeling shy" look which resembles a sneer unfortunately.  He is a bit shy with people at first.

He got over it though.  He told Santa that he wanted a new pet just for himself.  His pet mouse recently died and he revised his entire list.  He wrote Santa a letter that said (in his spelling):

"From Duncan
Dear Santa, what I relly want for crismas is a new pet like one ginipig, two mice or 1 hamster
ps. you no wy I want a new pet is beacas all of my pets are dieing thats wy I want a new pet".

Santa looked at us rather nervously and asked him if there was anything else he wanted....  He added a DS game onto his list.

Now Sam is ever the optimist and will go up and hug complete strangers if he likes the look of them.  Beards come naturally to his liking of course.

Here he is thinking.....and he blurted out his hearts desire "I want a Bebi (His spelling) Gun"!

Santa replied "You'll shoot your eye out kid!"

Now, this was completely hilarious because we watched "A Christmas Story" the night before.  Duncan's jaw dropped to the ground and he shouted "thats what the Santa said in the movie last night!"  Every adult in the place within hearing distance roared.

I think perhaps Lila's body language says she feels a little awkward.  Our big girl is going to be Eleven very soon...but she still has room for Santa in her heart.

She asked for a VERY specific magazine.  I know that Santa will be very creative.

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  1. Very cute. You really captured their personalities in the photos. As soon as I saw the line about Sam wanting a BB gun I was thinking what Santa said. We just watched the movie last night again.