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Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Strike of the Drum

Yesterday at school, the children prepared a Thanksgiving feast for themselves, their families and members of the Bay Mills Indian Community (our Chartering agent). See that little pilgrim and his father in the background?

From the Marquette News station: "Students at the brand new Three Lakes Academy Charter School were offered a rare class lesson today: a drumming presentation from the Bay Mills Indian Community - the party responsible for chartering the school - to kick off the Thanksgiving holiday.
"We brought the drum today. His name is Aabizii. We refer to the drum as a grandfather because of the teachings the drum also shares with us," says Mike Willis of the Bay Mills Indian Community.
Every strike of the drum represents a heartbeat - life - to the Indian community."

Go here to read the entire story and view an awesome video of their stirring performance. The kids (and adults) were entranced by their gracious performance and explanation of what Thanksgiving means to the Anishinabe people.

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